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A few days ago the Spanish newspaper El Mundo who is managed by the most unpollluted and great teacher of journalists in Western Europe known like Pedro J. Ramirez Codina, that model of virtues, defender at any cost of the moral of the West and the excellence of the Central African woman (and if they are fat iven better), spread in his journal the following information, that it was accompanied by a seudopornographic video of very bad quality taken from Youtube. The "information" constituted an example of gratuitous nasty jokes and phrases of doubtful pleasure. We see:

ARGENTINA: They recorded the operation they raised and it Youtube
" Doctors spread in Internet the extraction of a bottle of an anus "
"The patient, a middle-aged man, was object of jokes and ridicules. - ' Who is the father of the creature? ' it asked one of the doctors. - The operating room filled of peculiar surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and others. - The director of the hospital said
that she will take " medidas" against the sanitaries"

Juan Ignacio Irigaray (Buenos Aires) " Updated 05/05/2010 Wednesdays 04:46 hours
" The surgery was outlined like a routine in the operating room of the public hospital Martial Quiroga, the second most important of the Argentine province of San Juan. It was necessary to extract a bottle of soda water of 500 centimeters cubical of the anus to a patient, who nobody knew for sure how it had entered there although they imagined it.
" The man, middle-aged, lay slept over the surgical table, thrown of ventral cube. Everything until passed there with normality. But when the doctor communicated his collaborators of what the operation treated, exploded the ' verbena'.
"A cluster of surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and until peculiar people began to crowd in the room of surgery of the hospital.
Several of them, the most morbosos, unholstered the celular-phone with video camera and, thus, the surgery was ' inmortalizada' in all their crudity with the ass of the man like absolute protagonist. " "Few hours after the intervention, a video already had been raised Youtube under the title " Diversion en el Marcial Quiroga, San Juan, Argentina". The first version turned out too much hard to see by the crudity of the images and this Youtube Tuesday maintained an edition trimmed.
" In the original video it could be observed 12 people of dressing gown and mask doing jokes and ridicules of all type while they went and they came around the patient. " Who is the father of the creature? " , asks one person and other complaint of there is too much whitebait.
" We are going to put this into Internet" , it is listened to say a woman. Towards the end, the surgeon raises the bottle displays it to the camera and says the mark of the soda water. More ahead the x-rays are focused where the silhouette of the package of 500 centimeters cubical in the rectum of patient "is seen clearly".

Ramirez perhaps would have to be more careful with the information that his newspaper published. Because the same rights that he use to offer to their readers a pornographic video where a drunk Argentine citizen confuses the mouth with the anus, he could to deligh to his same readers with his sexual video with Exuperancia Rapú. Especially the scenes in which the Guinean woman pisses in his mouth or give him to absorb an enormous penis of rubber, that previously has introduced to him in "safe are the part". To order the continuous kidnapping from Internet of his disgusting and horrifying sexual video and to offer without any shame or modesty the most unpleasant and intimate situations of others is to break the rules of the journalistic game.
Fair play Peter Joe, please. To see the straw in the other people's eye and to ignore the beam in yours are an attitude of manipulators, of journalists lacking of scruples and a cowards person. Like you!
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